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Letters from Resurgam - Esha Patel
To Human Resources,
Stop letting in so many underaged doctors! I don't care that they have so-called "potential" or that they might have another Healing Touch, but they must still be in college seeing how old they are. One slip from their amateur hands and we'll be swimming in lawsuits! They should be at least 26 years old and fully educated the right way, that is to say, four years of college and five to eight years of medical school.
Also, remind any future employees of the dress code all hospitals must adhere to: Decent apparel (no tube/tank tops, ripped jeans, tight dresses, or excessive jewelry, no matter how much they whine) that must cover the entirety of their body, save for their necks and heads (That's what we have surgical masks and gloves for). I'm not saying that they have to be wearing 4 layers of clothing, but at least look like you care about not being infected with possible bacteria and viruses.  
Finally, any of you fine workers here should put your prejudic
:iconrisefromgrace16:risefromgrace16 8 17
A storm system had just run through the neighborhood and while the damage was practically invisible, the surroundings said otherwise.
The signs of autumn were already showing, so the days had begun to shrink more and more every few weeks. This time around, the setting sun had only been useful to emphasize the bleakness of the street. While dark grey clouds take up the majority of the sky, the sunset manages to make itself known through little strips. However, at this time of the evening, the light becomes a sickening urine yellow.
Before the storm even hit, the weather had been relatively nice; sunny and warm with some clouds dotting the sky. Now rain was dousing everything around us, giving the surroundings a deeper and depressing hue. A wind had just whipped up, biting and scratching at everyone and everything it comes across, leaving a numbing cold feeling behind.
A horrible and ghastly season is approaching.
And it's beautiful.
:iconrisefromgrace16:risefromgrace16 1 2
Overwater Underwater
Lookit this kids! I'm breathing underwater! And I'm not dying! WOOHOO!
Wait a sec, this is only a dream. Bummer.
Oh well, let's go out exploring in the name of rehabilitation! ADVENTURE HO-Oh what the fuck is that?  
Is that a...giant peanut? And it's got a surprised face painted on it for some reason. Some kid must have skipped it out here on a whim, that's the only reason I think this has got a face like that.  
But if this peanut is actually...well, that big, then what size am I?  For that matter, how big is this ocean here? WHO AM I?!
C-Calm down Uro, just calm down. You're dreaming all of this, remember? You're not out partying like you used to and you're not seeing things after blowing your whole stash again. It's just a dream. Just a dream...That just so happens to have giant peanuts with faces underwater where you can't drown. God my mind is screwed up.
Oh wow! You guys won't believe this! I've just seen a school of fish put together to make
:iconrisefromgrace16:risefromgrace16 3 2
LfR - Gabriel
Hello there inhabitants of the Internet,  
As someone who doesn't really give a damn about how people see me, I don't see the point in writing this. However, as Esha is making everyone, even the kid, write these letters and RONI is reminding me nonstop to get on with this, I am forced to care a slight bit.  
Let's see here...There's definitely a lot of this so-called "fanservice" of me here. It'd be charming if it didn't have that slight feeling of creepyness attached to it as well.  Oh well, the heart wants what the heart wants I suppose. Besides, all this work is quite appealing. Anatomy's accurate, the textures are just right...I suppose I should thank you for all this.  
What else do I gotta say? Well...There's also a good population of stories with me and Joshua getting back together here too. Again, this sends a sort of endearing, tingling vibe up my back. I dunno if that's good or bad, but it's there. I really do feel like I should
:iconrisefromgrace16:risefromgrace16 8 4
Lonely Alien
11:45 A.M., Resurgam First Care
"Hmmm..." Chief Patel was checking her watch again, frustrated at how late her new surgeon was. She specifically told Dr. O'Mara that her shift was supposed to start an hour and 15 minutes ago. However, she wasn't heard from since she called her 4 hours beforehand. "I know she's new, but I can't tolerate this kind of tardiness!"
"Um...Chief Patel. Didn't you encourage her to go out on her own?" Darnell asked, but was unheard due to Esha's internal burning rage. He, along with the Chief, Emma, and Gabriel were waiting outside the entrance of Resurgam for Lisbeth's briefing. The two nurses came along because Darnell wanted to see her again and ended up dragging Emma along with him. Gabe came because Joshua fell asleep again and frankly, he was just plain bored.
"Just calm down Esha! If she told us she's gonna be here, then she'll be here. Can't be that hard, right?" Gabe tried to console her, inhaling more of his cigarette.
"Yeah, I guess you're- wa
:iconrisefromgrace16:risefromgrace16 3 0
Letters from Resurgam - Tomoe
Valued Writers and Fans,
After talking with Dr. Kimishima after she woke up from her operation, I decided to practice archery with Hanzou at the inner courtyard. I usually use this time to meditate as I shoot. During this particular session, free from all the stress of the Rosalia outbreak, I came across a vital and crippling realization...
I am too perfect.
I apologize to the many players who had to sit through my tedious story. I believe that I have become a...what was the term? A..."Mary Sue"? Whatever the case, I am truly and deeply sorry. Perhaps in the next installment, I should stray from my supposed "path" a bit. Who knows? Time will tell.
:iconrisefromgrace16:risefromgrace16 8 2
Letters from Resurgam - Hank
Dear Writers,
First off: Hello! How's your day been? Anything special happen recently?
Sorry, just kind of had to get that off my chest. Force of habit.
But the real reason I'm writing is because of my standing amongst you. Don't take this the wrong way but...What do you think of me? I know, I know, this is all coming out of the blue, but I've got a reason behind all this! It's, um...It's all because I don't see a lot of stories about me.
That's it, that's all I'm saying, now you're free to do what you want about it. It's not really that big a deal, but...It just helps to have a little appreciation, doesn't it?
:iconrisefromgrace16:risefromgrace16 5 15
Letters from Resurgam - Maria
Dear Writers,
There is no friggin' way that I've got a thing for that prisoner guy! He's quiet and just about the most boring moron I've ever met! His stupid fangirls can tear him apart for their shrines for all I care.
Other than that, you guys are doing a pretty stellar job writing me out!
Maria Torres
P.S. If any of you see Gabe, tell him that I've got a nice suplex waiting for him.
:iconrisefromgrace16:risefromgrace16 7 3
Addendum - Ian Holden
To whomever is reading this,
Prisoner Number CR-S01 is currently performing surgeries at Resurgam First Care as part of his punishment for the 8 year old bio-terriorism event known as the Cumberland Incident. He was originally meant to remain imprisoned for 250 years. Once he made it through his testing period, he was officially allowed to operate in exchange for years off his sentence. He is transported to Resurgam once a week to perform an operation for sentence reduction. Once he is finished, he is promptly escorted back to prison. As of now, he is serving a 217 year sentence (with reduction). For every successful operation, 3 to 5 years is taken off his sentence. His estimated release (if he follows regulation) is sometime in the early spring of 2021.
Agent Ian Holden
:iconrisefromgrace16:risefromgrace16 5 3
Letters from Resurgam - CR-S01
Dear Fanfiction Writers,
I would like to make a few complaints and corrections concerning how you view me. Firstly, I would like to talk about my name. Now, while it wasn't mentioned in the game, the creators have bestowed upon me a name of my own: Erhardt Muller. I've seen some authors embrace this fact in their writings, but I've also seen others try to make up a name for me. Granted, this was before the rumors about my name were disclosed, but please try to remember this while you are writing (And please don't take names from other sources of media without any consent. It may get you sued).
My next point concerns the writers' perception of my personality. Even though I'm not exactly sure of how I make myself know to others, I have seen other writers portray me as a gentlemanly, somewhat playful man. I have also noticed that these portrayals take place sometime after my supposed release from prison. From this, there are a few...sub-points to make.
First, assuming a basic mathematical
:iconrisefromgrace16:risefromgrace16 9 11
MSPA - Physique Logic
Greeting to all of you fine, lost children.
Today is the beginning of the establishment of the Mary Sue/Gary Stu Prevention Agency, or MSGSPA for short. We believe in well composed and developed characters who have real feelings, fears, thoughts akin to sentient beings while having the proper appearance of whatever setting these characters happen to be in (Note that since there are a multitude of different universes derived from the imaginations of many, these standards change from time to time). We also offer lessons and workshops to those who are rather...unbalanced of themselves. Our ultimate goal is to create a period where characters of all realms are able to break from the mainstream beliefs of what makes or breaks someone and become in harmony with different people and worlds.
But what is a Mary Sue or a Gary Stu? In a nutshell, they are the absolutely, absurdly perfect abominations of the world. Even though we seek to break from reality sometimes, these people take is many step
:iconrisefromgrace16:risefromgrace16 0 1
Divine Service - Prologue
The span of this prologue is the 1800's Anno Domini. This story is based in the continent of Asclepia, a land that prides itself upon it's health industry more than anything else. Such a fixation on this was based on the various strains of disease unleashed by anarchists of the countries many years ago. In the capital land of Resurgam, it was the natural Rosalia; in the metropolis of Concordia, it was the accidental Stigma; and in the countryside of Caduceus, it was the carefully organized GUILT. These diseases weren't like any others, no, they brought about the oddest symptoms with the worst results that wreaked havoc upon the body.
However, a group of medical professionals gathered together and decided that enough was enough. While one half of this "army" was devoted to creating new tools to help against the fight and researching these diseases and their effects, the others took to the operating table and laid waste to the scourge. The whole of Asclepia and possibly the rest of the w
:iconrisefromgrace16:risefromgrace16 4 3
   10:00 P.M., 8/25/21
   "Okay, let's just leave that box there and we're just about done!"
   "Urgh! Jeez, did you pack your entire apartment in these boxes?"
   "Trust me Doctor, these are only the most necessary things I need. The rest was sold off with my old place. Hand me that boxcutter there?"
   It was getting to be late in Portland, and the trio of Lisbeth, Gabriel, and Joshua just came back from their trip and were putting her various belongings in little spots in the "living room" for the time being. After picking up the Englishwoman's things from the shipyard, they proceeded to pop by a conveniently placed currency exchange booth to change her U.K. pounds into American dollars. Putting the moving boxes into a rented trolley, the last thing they needed to do was to get some fast food (Lisbeth had never eaten any real fast food, let alone a burger, mind you, which made the drive to McDonald's b
:iconrisefromgrace16:risefromgrace16 1 0
The Red Thread of Fate Pt.2
   Gabriel's P.O.V.
   You must wonder what it's like to be in my line of work. Just listen to the people, read between the lines, run some tests, and find out what's wrong through that. Pretty simple, right?
   Once you really start listening, then you get to see what people are truly like. Whether their just some goodwill ambassador gone bad or a businessman rushing the exam just to get to their meeting, they're all the same: selfish, ignorant, greedy. Seeing all this everyday almost makes me want to stop helping people and just retire again to that old clinic already.
   Because at times, there's these rare patients who are just kind, understanding, altogether nice or pliable people. Take Joshua for instance. He didn't want people to worry about him out of innocence and courtesy, and when the truth came out, he became a lot more cooperative. Sure he's just a k
:iconrisefromgrace16:risefromgrace16 1 0
Sickly Sweet -Secret Santa fic
   "Another succesful operation. As of now, you've only got 135 years left for your sentence. You should be proud of yourself."
   "Thank you, Agent Holden. If you don't mind, I need some sleep now."
   It had been the usual routine for Prisoner Number CR-S01 this week: contemplate, prep for surgery, operate for a reduced sentence. Wash, rinse, repeat. It had been this way for the past 2 and a half months since the Rosalia epidemic and he was still visiting Resurgam for his surgeries.
   Yet...there was something he couldn't exactly put on his finger that night.
   Lately, every time he had been visiting, every time he met up with the other doctors, there was something stirring within his body. Something...oddly sickening, yet enjoyable. Something light and feathery. Something that made him more motivated, more willing to be open with the other doctors, just to at least have some chance with...her.
:iconrisefromgrace16:risefromgrace16 7 11
The Red Thread of Fate
"Hmm? What's with you?"
Sensing that the voice was talking to her, Lisbeth tried to avoid paying attention to him, thinking that there was someone else in the vicinity, but then he (assuming that the voice belonged to a man) said "Don't think there's anyone else here, it's just you and me. Now what's the problem?" one else is here now? I think I just might be able to get out of this much easier, but...
Shifting a little in place, she quietly asked "You're not going to tell anyone else, will you?"
"Depends, is it that important?"
"'s my first day here, and I don't want to get called out too early, so yes."
"Alright then, what's wrong?"
Slowly, she pulled out her hands, but stopped once her wrists were visible. She could then hear him sigh. "C'mon lady, I'm a diagnostician. It's my job to find out what's wrong with you."
Hesitating a little, Lisbeth asked again, her tone a little lower "Are you sure there's no one around? Or are you just trying to screw around w
:iconrisefromgrace16:risefromgrace16 2 2


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"Why is anyone the way they are? That's kind of hard to answer. Why do some people like cheese and other people hate it? Do you like cheese?"

"I want you to become well acquainted, on first name terms if you will, with my favorite and most cherished part of my body. I'm very attached to this."

"I thought it was chocolate hot fudge brownie sex that we had, with a cherry on top. But hey, what do I know?"

"I'm losing all sense of self, every atom of my being concentrating hard on that small, potent powerhouse at the apex of my thighs."

"Poor, fucked up, kinky, philanthropic Christian."

"Miss Steele, you are not just a pretty face. You've had six orgasms so far and all of them belong to me."

"My inner goddess is doing the merengue with some salsa moves." "My inner goddess sits in the lotus position looking serene except for the sly, self-congratulatory smile on her face." "My inner goddess jumps up and down with cheer-leading pom-poms shouting yes at me." "My inner goddess looks like someone snatched her ice cream."

How fucking high this woman is oh my god


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